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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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troops if they are needed to help with the ebola outbreak in west africa. also some tough questions on capitol hill today. lawmakers grilled health officials on the response to the ebola case at the hospital in texas amid the growing calls for a travel ban. we have reporters over the area covering this story tonight. we begin with chris gordon outside nih in bethesda. >> reporter: good evening. we know that nih is a world leader in ebola detection, treatment and prevention. now let's show from up above chopper 4 the sprawling campus which many of us know in bethesda, which lies between wisconsin avenue and old georgetown road. nina pham will be its first ebola patient in a specialized unit that has only two beds. nih is part of the u.s. department of health and human services. it is the federal government's primary agency for biomedical and health research.
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everything from the common cold to infectious diseases like ebola. this is a photo of one group of workers taken today at nih. at this congressional hearing today it, experts were asked why is nurse nina pham being transferred from dallas to nih. >> to give the state of the art care in a containment facility of highly trained individuals that are capable of taking care of them. >> reporter: montgomery e isaiah leggit has no doubt that bringing her to nih in bethesda is best for everyone. >> i support the move. i believe that it's good for our overall concern regarding the ebola challenges in our country, and nih has the capacity to do so. they informed me earlier about the decision to bring the patient here and i support that decision. but some bethesda residents like this jogger are concerned about ebola so close to home. >> i'm definitely scared. we were talking about it last night. dallas seems so far away but literally right here, i live
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right around the corner. so, yeah, that's definitely, definitely, troublesome. t chae my running route. >> rep but not everyone in bethesda is concerned. >> i don't have the sensationalid fear that other people have. i'm more concerned about this person being able to survive and live, you know, than am i going to catch this. or is someone else going to catch it. i think that -- i'm hoping that this won't spread. >> reporter: nih says it is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of its patients, its staff and the public. that the latest, live at nih in bethesda. chris gordon, news4. >> careful and calculated, how officials are describing nurse pham's transfer to nih. she will be leaving texas in a few hours to make the trip to our area. news4's shomari stone is live in frederick where they are preparing for her arrival. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. nina pham is expected to arrive here at frederick municipal
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airport sometime between 9:00 and 11:00. i talked to some pilots and they tell me they are concerned about the potential spread of ebola. let me move out of the way. that plane is going to land on the runway, go around, make a u-turn and go to a hangar to an awaiting ambulance. that ambulance will transport pham to nih. and it's approximately 35 mile. >> it's pretty serious stuff. >> repor malcolm van kirk is a pilot at frederick municipal airport. he's a little worried that the first nurse to become infected with the ebola virus in the nation will fly from dallas into his airport tonight. >> it's a concern for all -- not only to the local folks, but a concern for the nation, because, you know, there's a lot of people involved with this -- the handling of this patient from this point forward. >> r nina pham contracted ebola while taking care of thomas duncan while he was placed in intensive care before he died last week. she contracted the virus, even though she wore protective gear. an ambulance will pick her up at
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the airport and take her to nih in bethesda. >> we have talked to local health department, got there assurance the cdc is using all the safety precautions they have designated to be right. >> reporter: now pham will be put in isolation once she arrives at nih. the special clinical study staff will monitor her to make sure she is okay. they are trained to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. doctors are expected to evaluate her blood, urine, heart and other functions linked to ebola. live in frederick, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thanks, shomari. we are learning more tonight about nina pham. the nurse became certified in critical care less than go months ago. she got her certificate on august 1st and was working on thomas duncan by the end of september. pham is 26 years old. she lives in dallas alone, except for her dog, a king charles spaniel named bentley. that dog has now been
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quarantined as a precaution. workers are e-mailing photos and videos of the dog to pham so she can be assured that her dog is okay. and just minutes ago, officials confirmed that an inmate at the loudoun county detention ce taken to the hospital earlier today does not -- does not have ebola. that inmate, a female, had a low grade fever, and she had just returned from a trip to sierra leone in the last 21 days. but again, tests just came back. the results are negative for the fight against ebola took a decidedly political turn on cappel to hill today. republicans there demanded president obama order a travel ban. they want to block arrivals from the west african countries struggling with ebola. but officials from the white house, nih and centers for disease control are pushing back on that. they say the airport screening that started in dulles airport today will keep americans safe. but the debate about the u.s. response certainly will not end
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there. steve handelsman is on capitol hill. >> repor thanks. the big ebola hearing up here on the hill today, everybody agreed the goals to keep the virus out of america. but they did disagree about how best to do tt. >> please rise and raise your right hand. as the leaders of the u.s. government's fight against ebola defended airport screening on capitol hill, the testing and the questioning began at washington dulles. five u.s. airports are now screening people arriving from the west african ebola nations. their temperatures taken to detect anyone who is infected. >> it's a necessary evil, i guess. >> repor is it? back on the hill, republicans demanded no one be allowed in the u.s. from the nations of ebola. >> it needs to be solved in africa, but until it is, we should not be allowing these folks in. period. >> and if there is a better time for our president to take out a pen and phone, now is that time. let's put in place those travel restrictions that we're looking for.
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>> reporter: cdc director frieden said it's only 100 travelers or so per day. >> right now we're able to track everyone who comes in. >> but you're not stopping them from being aro other people. they're not limited from travel. >> rep if there were a ban, the white house argues west africans would still come, like thomas eric duncan did, through europe. >> it would be easier to evade dection. they wouldn't be screened before had he left and harder to ensure they are screened when they arrive in this country. >> rut the cdc's frieden says, a travel ban is still under consideration. >> as this debate rages over how best to keep the virus out of america. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> and while there has been intense focus on airport screenings, and that includes dulles, the procedures are not getting much of a workout today. transportation reporter adam tuss is live at dulles tonight with the latest on this procedure. adam? >> very quiet day here, wendy. in fact, a source tells me only
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one person got that enhanced ebola screening so far today at dulles, and there were no signs of ebola. stepped up ebola screenings now a reality here at dull. and already the fear of the disease seems to be spilling over. >> i want them to call me a week later and say you need to be quarantined for 21 days. >> reporter: twili marshal ohio. what is it about it that specifically scares you? >> they're not really being specific on how you can contract it. and i just -- i mean, it's just too much. >> r it is important to remember this information from the cdc. you cannot get ebola through water, through the air or through food. but those from west africa living here now fear a stigma. >> they create a pan in this case among people. >> rep alice lives in chantilly but today is waiting for her brother to come into dulles from sierra leone. she says he's part of the military in sierra leone, and he's coming here to the d.c. area to receive training.
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>> yes. to be able to help our people back home. >> reporter: alice's brother's flight gets in and back here now live at dulles airport. now i am told that a handful of people from the affected west african countries will be landing here at dulles within the next hour. reporting live at dulles, adam tuss, news4. >> thanks, adam. our coverage of the ebola crisis continues with damaging allegations from a nurse turned whistleblowe. >> in fact, i'll just be honest. i threw a fit. i just -- i just -- i don't know, i just couldn't believe it. >> coming up, what she claims happened when she raised concerns about protective gear. i'm mark segraves. why the district's top health official says he's afraid there is going to be a stigma associated to ebola patients and international travelers, just like there was in the early days of hiv and aids. i'll have that story, coming up. also, a terrible crash in our area. two emergency vehicles slam into each other, injuring
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firefighters, leaving an ambulance's parts scattered over the road. doug, how is the weather? >> light showers around the area now. storm team 4 radar picking those up through fairfax county, in the city of fairfax, northern montgoy too. i'll break down how those showers may affect your evening. plus, what's coming up this weekend? you' going to need to get something out. we'll talk about it, coming up.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. there are new questions tonight about the protocols at texas health presbyterian hospital. in an exclusive interview, matt lauer talked to a nurse who cared for nina pham after pham tested positive for ebola. she says at that point workers were still wearing the protecti suits that had their necks exposed. >> i just flat out asked several infectious disease nurses, i asked the cdc, why? why would i be wearing two pairs
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of gloves, three pairs of booteeses, a plastic suit covering my body and then leaves my neck hanging out this much, so that it can -- something can potentially go close to my mouth or nose? knowing what i know, i would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. i would feel at risk by going there. if i don't actually have ebola, i may contract it there. is how i actually feel. and i would do anything to refuse to go there. >> she says that she didn't get a response after she expressed concern about that protective gear. or concern that it wasn't sufficient. hospital officials tell nbc news they followed the cdc guidelines and asked for additional guidance and clarity. >> that nurse says she is worried about losing her job after speaking out as she did, but she said she felt it was important to say something. nbc's jay gray is still down in dallas tonight. and jay, you've got a couple of minutes. there's a lot of concern and
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fear if you're in the washington area. but i'm curious in terms of that kind of thing, what's the temperature among folks there in texas and dallas? >> reporter: yeah. i think as you talk about, a lot of concern here. a lot of frustration about what's happened at this hospital. after this one nurse spoke out this morning with matt lauer, you guys were just talking about, we talked to nurses here who would not go on camera, but i have to be honest. the feeling mixed here. there were a lot of people who supported here, there were a lot of others who said she was way out of line and they feel secure and that they're going to continue to come to work here. and now there has been some word that some of these nurses may actually walk out on the job. they may leave this hospital, because they are so frustrated and concerned about the procedures here. what we were told today by a spokesperson for the city of dallas is that is categorically untrue. e been talking with nurses here continually, they all want to be here right now at a time when this hospital and this city needs them, and that there are now plans to walk out. so that's good news on that front. i can tell you as far as the
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protocol inside this hospital is concerned, there are 16 members of the infectious disease control team from the centers for disease control on the ground and in this hospital. they are monitoring the procedures around the clock here, night and day. at some point during that process, changing things, when they think there is a problem or something that's just not working as efficiently as it should. they are scrambling, trying to figure out how these nurses got affected and certainly trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> jay, speaking of that second nurse, amber vinson, what are you hearing about her condition now, if anything at all? >> reporter: yeah, we hear she is in good condition. in the verier stages of infection, which is great. she is able to walk. we saw her walk on to the medevac transport here and we saw her walk out and into emory university hospit. docts started her treatment immediately. feel very good about their treatment plan and her prognosis. they feel they can nurse her back to health. >> jay gray in dallas, we appreciate it. thank you.
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an embodiment of this nervousness surrounding the ebola crisis outside of the white house today, where a protester in head to toe protective gear held a sign calling for a flight ban from countries where the disease is rampant. this picture was taken by former nfl player donte stallworth who now writes about national securi for the "huffington post." we wanted to know if the recent news about ebola cases has made you more concerned about the disease. 70% of you tell us, yes, it does. 30% say it does not. and how are you? >> great. >> we're happy to have you, something else to talk about right now. >> yeah, no kidding. >> how is the weather? let's talk about the weather. >> the weather is pretty nice out there. may run into a shower or two around your region. but all in all, not bad. take a look at that shot. beautiful tonight. clouds and a little bit in the way of clearing skies too. take a look out there across our
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region. currt temperature at 67 degrees. that's what we're going to continue seeing as we move through the rest of the evening. these light showers moving through. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. but all in all, a very nice thursday evening. don't be surprised to see isolated shower or two. your windshield wipers, they might get just a little bit of a workout as you're moving up i-95, along fairfax, towards laurel. that where we're seeing showers. also one shower just to the north of the mt. airy region. fairfax county seeing a little in the way of very light rain and really, on the light side. we had heavy rain around rockville but that started to decrease in intensity. i'll zoom in and show where this is, just to the west of the laurel area, moving towards savage, maryland, and along 28. came through olney and aspen hill and will move over i-95 within the next 10 to 15 minutes. tonight, 11:00, future weather shows we're all on the dry side. a few showers towards baltimore but that's about it. tomorrow, nothing with you but
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sunshine. frid looks like a fantastic day. are you rea for this? friday will probably be the best day we see for well over a week. and there is a lot of changes going on. satellite and radar showing a few showers and more clouds back toward the west. that's still a part of this area of low pressure. that brought us all of the rain yesterday. no all that rain up towards the boston area. and this whole frontal boundary as it continues to move after towards the east, is helping to protect us from a monster storm. hurricane gonzalo towards the south of bermuda. look at this storm. this is the strongest storm in the atlantic in over three years. and now has winds of 145 miles per hour. and it's making a bee line towards bermuda. bermuda was hit just last week by tropical storm fay. take a look at the damage that faye brought around that area. a lot damage there and the entire island at one point without power. this storm will be much stronger than faye was. potential for this storm could be as strong as fabian back in 2003. that sto $300 million in damage towards bermuda.
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they're going to be watching for that closely. 145 winds expected to become a category 3 down from a 4 where it was earlier today. but still possibl 120-mile-an-ho win there. so a lot of pictures coming out of there the next few days for sure. for us, though, a fantastic friday. 68 in leesburg. 70 degrees around the d.c. metro area. and once again, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. and then we see the changes coming. 68, nice on saturday. but then breezy and chilly on sunday. a high of only 59. and look at the other days we're in the 50s. wednesday and thursday with yet another storm system moving across our region. chance of rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. it's going to get on the chilly side for sure. get out the jackets, maybe even those co next, a vicious dog attack that left a woman with severe facial injuries. tonight, the search for the dog's owner and an answer to what prompted the attack. a high school mourns the second loss of a teen this year. why the principal is asking students to use social media to help cope with the tragedy. plus, airport screenings. new school protocols.
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and now an ebola patient coming here to our . we look at the rapidly unfolding ebola storylines. next
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it.
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barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it. the ebola crises in the u.s. has unfolded rapidly and tonight we get a closer look at how it all happened. jim handly joins us now with the time line. jim? >> vance, this began almost a month ago with this man, thomas eric duncan, who flew into the u.s. from liberia on september 20th to visit his girlfriend in texas. days later, his health took a turn for the worse. we took a look at all that has happened since the september 26th, less than a week after touching down in dallas, duncan goes to texas health presbyterian hospita with a fever. he tells a nurse he came from liberia, and was sent home with antibiotics. se 29th, three days later, duncan is back at the
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hospital, tests come back positive for ebola. he is the first patient diagnosed with the disease in the u.s. october 8th, duncan dies. two days later, amber vinson, a nurse who cared for duncan, takes a flight from dallas to cleveland to visit her family and plan her wedding. october 12th, another nurse at texas presbyterian, nina pham, tests positive for october 14th, nurse vinson is confirmed to have ebola. she flew back from cleveland the day after her diagnosis and had a low-grade fever when she boarded that plane. it's important to keep this all in perspective. three people have been diagnosed with ebola in the entire u.s. that's compared to 8,000 who have contracted the virus in west africa. more than 4,500 of whom have died. both american nurses are now getting specialized care at top hospitals, and as we mentioned, nina pham is expected to arrive at nih later tonight. guys, back to you. >> all right, thanks, jim.
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nih has been around for more than 100 years, and scientists there conduct research, develop vaccines and drugs, and treat some of the most complex diseases in the the 300-acre campus is located ten miles from the center of washington it's made up of 27 different units. they all specialize in various areas of research. pham will be in the special studies unit at the clinical center. nih initials told us today right now there is space for two patients in that unit. this was built four years ago. it has been used for in-patient clinical studies that include some involving the flu. we have also learned today that pham will be treated by six infectious disease and critical care doctors in addition to a nursing and support. coming up, we'll tell you how d.c. leaders are planning to handle an emergency situation as we learn more about the response from school districts in .
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police shoot and kill a dog after a woman is mauled here. wait until you see what they found inside this house. i'm pat colorado li. two emergency vehicles collide. what we are learning about the moments before.
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the ebola crisis has dominated headlines in recent days, and tonight our team coverage continues. >> mark segraves has more on the local response to this emergency. let's begin with chris lawrence and the developments from the live desk. chris? >> yeah, wendy, the first nurse infected with ebola is getting ready to board a plane in dallas and head to maryland. let's take you out to some live pictures. th are aerials above the hospital. yon see there the ambulance parked outside. we believe that nina pham has not yet come out of the hospital to get in an ambulance, to be taken to her flight.
6:31 pm
as you can look down there, you can see a crowd of people at the gate of a hospital. we can't tell if they're there to voice support for her departu nina pham's health or protesting. again, these are live pictures as nina pham gets ready to head to this area. she's going to be treated at nih in beth bethesda much because workers have been side lined so officials can monitor them for exposure. and in virginia, airport officis have started stepped-up screenings in dulles. it's one of five airports in the u.s. where medical workers are now taking the temperatures of passengers arriving from areas in west africa hit by the outbreak. but at a hearing today on capitol hill, one lawmaker said it still isn't enough. >> dr. frieden, relying on self reporting and making certain that people tell us the truth before they leave and then that we catch the fever at the right time if they have a temperature, we have got to do better than
6:32 pm
this. >> reporter: t officials closed several schools in texas and ohio because of ebola fears. they think some students and faculty were onnim the same flight as infected nurse amber vinson. an cleaning crews are disinfecting just in case. president obama signed an executive order that authorizes the pentagon to call up reservists and national guard troops if they are needed to help the u.s. troops who are already there. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. >> thanks, chris. from the director of d.c.'s department of public health tonight, two words, don't pan in this case. he says 12 patients in the district have been treated with ebola-like symptoms, but they have all tested negative for the vi if anyone does test positive, he said local hospitals are ready. mark segraves has more now on this. mark? >> rep well, jim, we only knew about the one case at
6:33 pm
howard university suspected to be ebola. today a doctor said he doesn't want the public to know every time there is a suspected case, because it feeds the panic and makes people afraid to go to the hospital if they need to. today he said d.c. is working hard to make sure there is not a stigma for people who are foreign travele or who do actually have ebola. when asked if d.c. was going to do what other jurisdictions are doing, like questioning incoming students about foreign travel, the district's top doctor was quick to say absolutely no. >> you know why? i don't want stigma of the '7 0s of hiv, stigma to happen to people that come from africa. >> reporter: dr. garcia says misinformation is feeding a panic among some people. >> we are fighting here two things. we're fighting the real science, and the fear. and i think right now fear is in the forefront. >> reporter: as for that ebola patient being moved to nih where
6:34 pm
they have one of the only four specialized negat pressure isolation units in the country, dr. garcia says that may be going too far. >> this is not an airborne disease. and if we follow all protocols of fluid protection for fluid and bodily fluids of the patient, we should we should be fine. we don't need negative pressure isolation room on those pati. >> reporter: now over and over again, dr. garcia said this is not an airborne disease. you cannot contract ebola simply by being near someone who has it. reporting live in the district, mark segraves, news4. we asked our local school distris what they're doing about ebola. alexandria school officia met with the health department today to come up with a response plan. they say if a student shows symptoms of ebola, they will chk the child's attendance record to see if they have been absent long enough to have taken a trip to africa. fairfax county schools, the
6:35 pm
largest school di in virginia, is now asking new students and family members if they have recently traveled to or from west afr montgomery co in mary says it will not screen students for this virus. but will follow protocols if anyone shows some symptoms. we're compiling a list of school policies on nbcwashington. just search ebola schools. police say she was still under attack when they got to the home. tonight a woman recovering after getting mauled by a dog she had been watching. and we have learned the house where it happened will now be condemned. pat collins has our report from silver s >> reporter: this is where it happened. police say a woman was here house sitting and watching dogs for a relative on vacation. it had dire consequences. there were so many dogs, animal control officers needed several vans to take them all away from the scene.
6:36 pm
this scene where police shot and killed a dog after it attacked a woman inside this the victim, 54 years old. they say she has serious bite wounds to the head, chest and neck she called 911 for help, but there was a disconnect, and police had to trace the call to figure out where to go. it took some fast police work, but they got here just in time. >> they saw a -- approximately 40-pound mixed breed dog actively attacking the woman. the officers then went to confront the dog. the dog turned on them. the officer shot the dog, killing the dog. >> reporter: the attack dog police described as a terrier mix. inside the house, they say they found 11 dogs of various breeds. animal control has them all now. this reaction now from people in the neighborhood. >> i hear the dogs barking all
6:37 pm
of the time. i don't think they're well taken care. >> dog toned to protect the owner, not attack the owner. >> rep something is wrong, huh? >> yep. >> r the woman is expected to be okay. but this house and what happened in this house still under invest in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. >> still ahead, there are calls for tighter restrictions to d.c.'s new gun. and we see a big storm move through the area over the last couple days, bringing with it much cooler air. we've got an even bigger storm that could bring through even colder air. i'll show you when in my fore.
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wothe way als dismantles someone like stuarty. is so painful. embryonic stem cells have so much promise, but barbara comstock voted to ban that research funding even though conservatives like nancy reagan support it. that takes away hope for a cure -- but also, for families like ours, who just wanted a little more time. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a deadly crash in clinton, maryland, today. the accident shut down part of branch avenue just after 8:30 this morning. six vehicles in all were involved. police say the driver of a lincoln town car lost control and caused it all. that driver was killed. another person was taken to a hospital, but is expected to be okay. where can you legally carry a gun in the district of columbia the question that d.c.'s police chief took on today. she wants more restrictions for a conceal and carry law. chief cathy lanier told the council, taxi drivers should be banned from getting a permit. she also wants to expand the areas where concealed guns would be illegal. lanier wants to go beyond the restrictions for government buildings and include surrounding groun and parking lots. some gun owners think that's
6:41 pm
going too fa >> it's to the point with me i would be so worried about, you know, not following exactly what you're supposed to do with the law where you could find yourself unknowingly breaking the law and get in trouble. >> residents and nonresidents will be able to download applications for carry permits from the police department's website. that starts next wednesday. the hilton company is launching a brand new hotel brand, and the d.c. area will be one of the first to try it out. this now is a rendering of what the new hilton canopy hotel will look like. it will be built in the new pipe and rose complex in rockville. hilton people say the canopy brand is aimed at sophisticated travelers who love designed social areas and technology. the hotel will have 177 rooms and is set to open in 2016. back to work tonight. police are once again combing the charlottesville area.
6:42 pm
still looking for signs of that missing uva student, hannah ah and you're looking at the area in rockville now where two emergency vehicles collided. got a reporter on the ground there, and we've got a report coming up. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on the chicken & bacon ranch melt. subway. eat fresh. we have an update to some breaking news we brought at 5:00. investigats still on the scene after a fire truck and an ambulance collide. news4's zachary kiesch is at aspen road in rockville with more. zack? >> repor wendy, think about how unusual this is. two emergency vehicles headed to the same place and they collide on the way there. this all happened at about 3:30 this afternoon. the good news is, nobody was seriously injured. got that infor and some more details from the montgomery co fire department. take a liste >> while several of those units were en route, they collided at the intersection of aspen hill road and park lane drive. the engine coming from one of our rockville stations and an ambulance, ems unit coming from
6:46 pm
another station. >> reporter: the accident closed off streets and put a pinch on the evening commute. stephen has been here for 31 years and says the traffic was anything but typical. >> usually, zero type traffic problems. but now with the way things have gone from this accident, all of the side streets are getting to be very well used. >> reporter: but according to monica, accidents at the intersection of parkland drive and aspen hill road aren't all that uncommon. >> lots of noise when people tear through that intersection and get hit. >> at this point, the montgomery co police collision reconstructim is on the scene, taking their measurements and conducting investigation as to what may have happened. >> reporter: you can see the wrecker getting ready to pull away the ambulance. that ambulance axle 20 feet ahead of that. the fire truck taken away a little bit ago. two people in the ambulance, five people in the fire truck. again, good news here, nobody was seriously injured.
6:47 pm
reporting live in rockville, zachary kiesch, news4. >> thanks, zack. tonight we learned the name of a teenager hit and killed by an amtrak train last night in burke, virginia. they discovered the body of 15-year-old brooke buesking near the burke centre shopping center. police are still trying to determine what happened. but criminal activity is not suspected in this case. buesking was a sophomore at robinson high schoolim. search teams back out and in and around charlottesville, virginia tonight, still looking for the missing student there, hannah graham. the search has been on hold for the past two days, because of bad weather. with graham missing for more than a month now, police took the two days to reassess their search efforts. crews have already covered nearly every inch of the eight-mile radius search zone. police say they have received more than 4,000 tips in the case. they say, though, that they
6:48 pm
would like to hear more. we have a beautiful evening out there. how is the rest of the week looking? >> the rest of the week, i've got to say, it's time to get out the coats. it really is. >> ooh. >> that's the kind of cool air we've got. it's about time. we're ready for that. seasons are changing for sure. and, yeah, we're going to be in for much cooler weather and it's going to last most of next week. not just one night this time. let's show what's happeni outside. you want to see a nice shot? look at that. >> oh. >> uh-huh. capital wheel going there. yesterday they d to close the capital wheel due to severe weather. but today, you can see right there, open for business. we do have cloud cover around our region but look at this, another great shot. sunset tonight, beautiful sunset pictures. 67 now, temperatures dropping through the 60s as we make our way through the rest of the evening tonight. now, storm team 4 radar dry for the most part. we did have some showers earlier. those have worked their way through. very light shower activity towards principle william county and northern stafford county but
6:49 pm
all in all, a fairly dry night. great day tomorrow. partly sunny, a nice afternoon for your friday. 65 to 71 degrees. so looking good, right? on a trend? no. 68 degrees on our saturday. saturday nice but breezy. then sunday, a high of only 59 degrees. that puts most of you down around 55, 56. and then on monday, a high of only 62. and we stay there in the low 60s and even the upper 50s. what's happening is a big area of low pressure up toward the north will build in. it's just going to reinforce the cool air we already have here, and that chilly air will last across not just the entire week for the northeast, but it's going to last probably right on through early next week too. high temperatures of 58 on wednesday. low temperatures in the mid 40s, puts most of you in the upper 30s and mid 50s during the day. yeah, cooler air moving on in. but, ah, you're right. it's about t >> all right. thanks, doug. okay. we've got football on sunday or at least some reasonable
6:50 pm
semblance of it. but we've got some hockey tonight. dianna? >> so the caps defending the home ice against the devils tonight. the verizon center. and looking for a bounceback game from their top goalie. and the redskins. getting ready to get alfred morris going. a look at the struggles in the ground game, and how they hope to fix it. stay right her
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sp. something we've all been waiting for all year long is to watch alfred morris break loose. he has not had a good game this year. yeah, he's had a tough season but there's reasons for that. >> i'm not saying it's all his fault. the running game sucks. >> everyone wants to see the running game pick up, definitely, and that's what they want to do if they want to be dynamic on offense.
6:54 pm
clippers' coach doc rivers says winning is like deodorant. when things pick up, things no longer stink. 1-5, lost four straight and with the 2-4 titans coming to town, it's no secret they sure need it win. >> a win would do wonders for everybody around here. i think everybody understands what's happened has happened and we're all moving forward and looking forward to the opportunity of the next day and next game. so, you know, got a chip a bunch right now. existed to get back on the field and show what the redskins are b. unfortunately, vice president been able to do that, so all able to work and get this thing flipped. jay gruden could use some old spice this sunday. >> there you go. >> to get that win, the redskins' run game will need to get hotter, at least warm up. alfred morris doesn't have a 100-yard rushing game this season. what vance just talked about. in the past two weeks, rushed
6:55 pm
for 70 yards and 26 carries. the lack of production on the ground surprising to morris' teammates who know if they can get him going, the offense is going to be much better. >> i don't remember him having a back-to-back game like this ever. i don't even -- going back to college before he got drafted, looking at his stats. i think he had 29 the week before. that not who we are. >> any time you run football, it's going to take pressure off the passing game and be a much more consistent way of producing yards and points and time of possession and all those things that are important. so if we can run the football, it's going to really help. >> get in a situation where you're second and eight, well, everyone knows probably pass is coming the next play. so we'll back up a little bit. but we need to get four or five yards on the first down to make the defense keep guessing, as opposed to expecting what's next. >> yeah. fantasy football players, i would say play alfred morris this weekend. i have a feeling he's going to be running a lot. the capitals back on the ice tonight, host to the undefeated
6:56 pm
red hot new jersey devils. the caps dug themselves out of a hole on tuesday, preserved a point against the sharks. goalie britain hole me has been hot and cold this past week after shutting out boston saturday. had a rough go against san jose allowing three goals on the sharks' first four shots. he was pd less than ten minutes into the game, the shortest start of hi he will be back in the net tonight, though. get back up on that horse and his approach won >> focus on every game is the same. you know, you treat every game the exact same. same preparation, everything. the goal, always to be a good professional, never have two bad games in a row. so the same time, not -- don't panic. you know you have to make a couple of those saves. next game, you make sure you do. >> all right. always a fun time of year. we've got college basketball season around the corner. today the preseason coaches' poll was released.
6:57 pm
virginia at number eight. vcu at 16. maryland terrapins not pictured. big media day today, new conference, ma hoping to make new friends and new enemies. mark erred to get this going. >> might not be their first rival. but we'll have a rival. big ten did a great job for us, giving us a great home schedule this year. a lot of big names, powerful programs coming in to maryland this year. and have our fans pretty excited. >> it's going to be tough. >> rough off season for them. >> thanks. we leave you now with some breaking news. this is a live picture from dallas as nurse nina pham is leaving the ho en route to bethesda to be treated for ebola at nih. for all the developments in this, stay tuned to news4 at 11:00 tonight and online at nbcwashington. we will see you then. "nbc nig.
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on our broadcast tonight, on the move. first one nurse, now the other transferred away from the dallas hospital where they contracted ebola, as the head of the cdc answers tough questions about the string of errors that exposed them both. the insider, a woman risking her job revealing what happened inside that dallas hospital. and just how unprepared they were for ebola. cause death, tonight the autopsy results are out. we'll look at what they reveal about the death of joan rivers. and to the rescue, the scene that played out on live television today as viewers followed the flight of a bear cub stuck far from home, and one very worried mother. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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